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Another cool website I've found last week .When I was reading other posts where it discussed how to earn with photographs I've never found this website ,usually all of those posts just tell about iStock ,fotolia and other websites were we sell images to others .But here it is a little different. You can also sell your videos here. Scoopt sells it to magazines ,newspapers etc. and share revenue with you.

How it works!
Join the website ,free! Then log in to member's area and upload your photos. If your photos meets their criteria you'll get paid. OK let's check what are the criteria . Your photos must be:-

* Topical, current, newsworthy and of interest to the wider public. Family and holiday photos are out! * Unique or otherwise special. This is what gives it its value. * In focus! * Legal. Read our guide below. * Taken at no risk to yourself.

Photos they want. "The best, most valuable photos are those that capture a completely unexpected but sensational event, especially if the professional media are either not present or looking the other way. From a global disaster to a happening in your local town or a chance encounter with a celebrity… so long as a picture has interest, it has value. Photographs of famous people in unusual situations will always be in demand. We are not interested in pictures that are solely intended to cause embarrassment, but we are interested in pictures that have important news value. Photos taken at public events which are being covered by the media will likely have no value."

Photos they Don't need.
"It should go without saying but we will say it anyway. We don't want, and can't sell, photos of your family, loved ones, pets, neighbours, the new car, a best friend's 21st, that stunning sunset, and your family holiday in Tenerife. Photos of children (anybody aged under 16) in any and all situations are a complete no-no and should not be submitted. Please don't go to the trouble of setting up a staged or fake photo or sending in a digitally altered photo thinking we and the media will be fooled and you will earn a heap of money. We won't be fooled, and you won't make any money.If you are in any doubt about whether to submit your photo, send it in. We consider every photo that is submitted. " (note: These two paragraphs are exactly copied from scoopt's page .You can see it here )
So here you are a ciziten journalist, go and work here decently .Read their FAQ page and 'How it works' page before joining. Visit Scoopt

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Are you afraid to invest any money?
Well, if you are, I would recommend going to This site has a list of scams and sites that pay. I know when I first started I was apprehensive about making money online and no
t getting scammed. This site has helped me through the tough times and started making me money. We can also discuss our problems in the forum where only subjects about paid to click is discussed.
Another such website is ,it's just as providing the list of scams and sites which pays. Anyway there is no point in believing them fully since I've found a scam website in the li
st of 'Paying Websites' ,actually that website paid at the begining and then turned into a scam. This tendency of changing to a scam is visible in many websites .So study well about a website before working with it. Anyway there is no doubt that PTCtalk and PTCsite will help in you in some way or other.

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Earn money while you sleep and eat!!

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People no more say “You can’t earn if you don’t work!” since there are a lot of chances to earn online without doing any work, while you are at school, office or in kitchen. Affiliate program brings us this great opportunity of ‘Earn without any work’ – even though you have to work a little bit .Referrals is the way! , imagine how you could increase your earnings if you collect about 100 referrals on Paid to click website!

What are referrals?
If you find a website which is really helpful to earn some you could also make your friends and other sign up there ,and for that they pays you and the people who signed up on your name (they’ll provide you a link or something else to refer others and make them sign up under you) are your referrals and you’ll get paid for their activities there .They may pay 25% of what they earn ,i.e. if your friend earned 100$ he’ll get his full amount and you get that amounts 25% and that is $25 ,so don’t worry since your friend will not lose any money!)

How to earn referrals?
You could dig a good number of referrals from your family and friends itself, just send an email or make a phone call! Another way to earn referrals is through forums, consider a Q&A website (example: Yahoo! Answers, Answerbag) and make a search about earning online, you could find hundreds of unresolved questions which are open to you, while you post answers include your referral links ,those are the sites were millions of people browse a day ,so you could earn some guys ,but remember if your website you refer is not very helpful to earn you’ll not earn much referrals even if you get they’ll not be active there!

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Why running for some paid to clicks?
Paid-to-click or PTC has received much publicity now days. I don’t know why, as all of us know with a PTC program we could expect to earn maximum $.01 per click or low, without some active referrals out there you could never earn to buy your partner even a coffee! So referrals are important for such a website and most of the website sells their non referred members to other members.
(Photo by david9wong )

What if I signed up for many of these websites to earn more a day, without any referrals
If you have no referrals on any website, and you are trying to earn a bit clicking more from more PTC websites there is no use! Let me explain what I know (my experience)
Most of the PTC websites pays via Alertpay and some via PayPal as well , minimum payout of these websites are normally $10 ,and there are some websites which has low minimum payout ,but the amount we receive for a click there is also too low! So let’s imagine that there are 15 clicks available a day , so we earns a total $0.15 ,so it takes about a week for you to get $1 and so to reach a minimum payout of $10 you have to work daily for more than 2 months!!! By this time you’ll be tired of clicking and give up that website searching for another one which comes with a lower minimum payout. At last, you’ll quit your PTC programs with almost ‘zero’ bucks even though you have clicked hundreds of ads that means you have made the owners of those PTC websites rich for nothing!
So please don’t register to many PTC website at a time ,instead take enough time and study about the sites and then choose one among them and concentrate on it alone.

Beware of scams!
Many PTC websites are scams; I’ll be posting all the PTC websites which I found to be paying honestly and also try tell you the names of the websites which is are scams. To recognize a scam website, please read this

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