Check you 'spam/Junk' folder of your email ,you'll definitely come across any spams which tells something like 'Earn $1000 a month' and how?- reading emails! definitely they are scams and they'll give some photos of some cheques (checks) for a proof and sometimes some PayPal proofs, its now easy to create fake photos or pictures than taking them with a camera .Don't pay on such websites. Internet is now facing a huge problem, the war between the good and the evil .According to AVG antivirus, one among 1000 websites contains malicious script that can harm your computer! And now let's discuss more ugly parts , Do you know at which rate certain domain names are sold last years... let's have a look : $14 million (Jan 2005) ,$7 million .OK who'll buy a at that rate! this shows that how much the present Internet surfers have lost out to the lucre of porn and liquor.
And at present ,in my place Internet is widely used for just two purpose, for porn and social networking .At my place 'Orkut'(a social networking website owned by Google) is very popular and I know guys who don't even know Google including Gmail ,spending hours on it and became professionals on that.
All this while I talked about 'BAD' ,now coming to the good - The best part I think on net other than staying in touch with friends and relatives is 'Blogging'. Blogging is one's private diary and its a stage to express one's idea in his own language ,this powerful program is widely used now a days for a small or large income for some guys .Of course if you take this seriously you can also put some bucks in your pocket eac month. And putting ads on your blog is the basic income stream from your blog and also writing posts for money ,i.e. Pay per post program is another good way to earn money online. ( through this blog let's discuss more about it).
Don't think that this blog just tells 'How to earn blogging.' ,blogging is just one among hundred ways of earning money online .You can also earn writing reviews ,social networking & through many other ways ,on this blog also meet many interesting and truely working money making websites each week!


  1. Rachel // September 22, 2008 at 7:12 AM  

    Yes, true ! internet is widely misused now a days

  2. hacker64 // September 22, 2008 at 10:58 AM  

    Intresting ! waiting to here more. Hey put a subscribtion option..

  3. G-Rayz // September 23, 2008 at 8:43 AM  

    Yeah, Often see those websites with red colored bolded font ,and so many fake proofs..those who beleive them are real foools...

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