This one of the easiest ways on Internet were you can earn enough bucks. Here you'll be paid even up to $2 just for writing reviews, when it is accepted, and some other websites accept all the reviews (they'll accept what all you write) paying about $1 for all your reviews. All you must do is to write more than 120 words...Really Easy! Most of these websites pays via PayPal so that you can apply for a cheque ,directly deposit to your account or purchase items online. In this category ( 'Earn writing reviews') you'll discover some awesome websites which really pays for your reviews. So don't miss any websites!

How Does they make profit
Your reviews are really valuable for them and they make profit with those .Some sites sell these reviews to the owner of the products and earn immense profit because owners can get a clear idea what the users want ! And most these websites earns money from online advertising with retailers who pay to have their online stores linked from the site. Don't worry because they'll never sell your email address to anyone or earn from the member data (only applicable to certain trusted websites).
In this way these websites earn money.
Don't try to cheat !
You may not try to cheat these sites by writing on products you haven't use and by copying from other Internet sources ,they'll delete you without a question .Moreover these websites really helps you to earn money and cheating means you are making money in a wrong path.
What should I write ?
You can write on any products you have used. Some websites will accept all reviews check them and publish it only then you'll get paid .While others have all the products (almost all) you'll write about these and you'll be paid. Anyway ,you can write about movies ,mobiles ,computers , Books ,websites, software, Games and many other products.

Which are the trustable websites?
OK ,now the most important part comes here ,which are the sites that can be trusted . You can find them out under 'Earn money writing reviews' ,Go and check it now..!!


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