Social networking has now changed to a small income stream now a They are just ordinary social networking websites which pays for our active participation. So let's learn more about them

Mylot ,the best!

Mylot is a good social networking website which pays for our active participation. Please don't expect great features from them as in Facebook ,Myspace or any other social networking website. More than social networking and with connecting friends it had become a public place to discuss on any subject ,and I've noticed that under the interest 'Make money' there will be a new discussions each minute! So you can also find some cool money making tips over there (I wonder why Mylot members are highly interested in paid-to-click websites)

Earning without active referrals is hard!
Minimum payout of Mylot is $10 ,and it is really hard to earn that amount ,you should work there for hours!! any way if you have some great active referrals your task is - sit down and use internet as usual ,when you have some doubts or an interesting piece of article just share with them ,all other hard works will be done by your referrals and you'll earn an extra $10 - $??? (as per no. of referrals) each month for doing nothing..!! remember Mylot does not have a fixed amount for your work they'll pay as they like . You'll earn just 25% of referrals earning ,so it is good to have more no. of referrals. I don't know exactly how mylot earns anyway we can see lots of ads over there .So it will be their major stream of income and may be ,since their profit is not a constant ,the amount they pays also differs! Anyway you can earn some extra income here!


  1. Khyle Dean // November 3, 2008 at 5:48 PM  

    Check this out. Probably have to copy and paste it.

    This is something similar to My lot, but the referral system here is just outstanding compared to any other social network that pays. Check it out, the long run affect is going to be enormous amounts of money. :)

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