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Its a little trick so that you can save some money while you purchase e-books online. If you heard of a good online book and need to buy it ,but not willing to pay what they want this trick will be helpful to save a bit (about 25% ,or so) Almost all such legal sites have their affiliate program ,you can find it on their homepage itself or have a look at the links at bottom.

Viewing the point with an example.
Take the case of they have such selling programs (it might be a good site ,though i haven't signed up for a premium ,Darren Rowse of problogger support this website).You'll get paid ($48.50 ,September 2008) each time a member sign up using your referral link and also the same amount each time they renew their account. If you think that their products will help you and you have to sign up there ,first of all get an affiliate account from your friends PC and buy the products through your referral link form your computer ,even though you have to pay some amount, you'll save $48 (it will be deposited to you since you have created an affiliate, yourself) .This way you can save some amount while you buy products via website which have an affiliate program.
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Don't get cheated.
Also check whether website you are buying products from is a legal one. Don't ever use credit cards on such websites without getting much knowledge about them, also make sure the page you enter credit card is highly secure so that the URL of the page begins with 'https://' . I recommend to use PayPal for this so that if you are cheated you can claim it on PayPal's Buyer protection area.


  1. Googling // September 27, 2008 at 9:37 AM  

    This is really a good idea, something that anyone will never think off ,becoming the seller and buyer ourselves .Thanks ,now i'll surely save some money .Share some more tricks man

  2. hacker54 // September 27, 2008 at 9:38 AM  

    great tricks ,thanks ,any other way so that i can get them FREE!

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