is a good website were you can write on any thing .At present they have reviews on more than 50 categories and I think they'll have more than 50,000 reviews now. And this is one of the famous websites under this category .Their present review rate is $2 (September 22, 2008. They may change it anytime and you can find it on their homepage) ,but you'll be paid only if your review is accepted.

More information.
In addition to $2 , your every vote pays $0.10 ! The main thing -may be advantage or disadvantage- is that there is no log in option you have a unique pen name and you'll write using that. They pays via PayPal ,The problem is that their minimum payout rate is $50 ,so if you wrote some reviews and you felt boring and decidedto stop , you can't request for a payout if your balance is less than $50 .If you are a reader and voter you can request your earnings on voting while it reaches minimum $5 . Since there is no signing in you can see your reviews while you search your pen name. And I think most of these sites have almost some general facts and rules ,some of them are discussed on the post 'Introduction to writing reviews'

Don't copy any articles from an external website/blog since they have a strict check on your review and you'll be caught and deleted without any questions! Also don't publish the same review on your blog or website. They also have a referral program ( Find it here !) .
Now go and have a look at the website [ Visit this website] and share your experience here through your comments.


  1. Timothy567 // September 24, 2008 at 10:06 AM  

    Good website!! I've already posted 6 reviews ,hope that they'll accpet them.....Please Put a subscription of feedburner soon..

  2. Roshu // September 24, 2008 at 10:14 AM  

    Sorry ,I forgot about it. See it soon.!

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