Earn money while you sleep and eat!!

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People no more say “You can’t earn if you don’t work!” since there are a lot of chances to earn online without doing any work, while you are at school, office or in kitchen. Affiliate program brings us this great opportunity of ‘Earn without any work’ – even though you have to work a little bit .Referrals is the way! , imagine how you could increase your earnings if you collect about 100 referrals on Paid to click website!

What are referrals?
If you find a website which is really helpful to earn some you could also make your friends and other sign up there ,and for that they pays you and the people who signed up on your name (they’ll provide you a link or something else to refer others and make them sign up under you) are your referrals and you’ll get paid for their activities there .They may pay 25% of what they earn ,i.e. if your friend earned 100$ he’ll get his full amount and you get that amounts 25% and that is $25 ,so don’t worry since your friend will not lose any money!)

How to earn referrals?
You could dig a good number of referrals from your family and friends itself, just send an email or make a phone call! Another way to earn referrals is through forums, consider a Q&A website (example: Yahoo! Answers, Answerbag) and make a search about earning online, you could find hundreds of unresolved questions which are open to you, while you post answers include your referral links ,those are the sites were millions of people browse a day ,so you could earn some guys ,but remember if your website you refer is not very helpful to earn you’ll not earn much referrals even if you get they’ll not be active there!


  1. Troy Franklin // October 6, 2008 at 9:26 AM  

    One definitely has to find some form of passive residual income in these troubled economic times. Having a j.o.b. is not sufficient any more.

  2. hacker54 // October 6, 2008 at 7:21 PM  

    THats true troy ,and I think our online income will not be a fixed one!!

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